Every motivational quote or pin on Pinterest seems to say the same thing. “Your brokenness is beautiful.” Honestly this irks me, and I beg to differ. Brokenness is not beautiful. Its messy and complicated, and to be quite frank it sucks. Anxiety is not beautiful, depression is not beautiful, and abuse is not beautiful. All of these things are messy and complicated. This world is full of pain, and everyone has their share of problems. When we are going through these things it is hard for us to see how all our pain could be beautiful. One quote that really irks me is “she made broken look beautiful.” When I first saw this quote I kind of liked it. However as I truly sat and thought about it I became a little perturbed. As I thought back on my life I didn’t see beauty in the brokenness. I saw a Daddy’s girl abandoned by the father he promised to love her. I saw a little girl scared to sleep at night for fear of the father who promised to protect her. I saw a young woman who feels guilty for telling the truth. Who struggles daily with anxiety, a woman who has wanted to just end it all, and a woman who cries herself to sleep. Does this seem beautiful to you? This is brokenness, but it is not beautiful. The crappy things that happen in our life and the struggles we face in themselves are not beautiful.

Now I don’t want yall to think that I resent my past, it has made me the woman I am today. I believe that brokenness is not beautiful, I believe that redemption and grace is beautiful. The things in this life that knock us down, that scar us. That is not what is beautiful, what is beautiful is what the Lord does with this brokenness. When He redeemed us and showed us grace, that is beauty. So instead of saying “brokenness is beautiful” we should say “He redeems our brokenness and makes it beautiful.” This is not discounting the pain and the trauma, it is simply saying that because of God we are made new. He has made ALL things new, the pain, the sorrow, the hurt. It is all made new because of Him who redeems. When I look back on my life, I still see the brokenness, I still see the pain, BUT I also see His redemption.

“Brokenness is not beautiful… redemption is beautiful.”